Purchase of IT hardware

Don't know what to do with your old equipment? We take over deletion, anonymization, processing and resale of your used hardware for you.

In doing so, the security of your data is our focus - we ensure complete, data protection-compliant and audit-proof deletion of all data from your devices.

We buy all IT items from client hardware such as laptops, PCs, smartphones to servers, storage and network hardware. Feel free to contact us with a list of your used hardware and we will make you a non-binding offer.

Your benefits

Our experts advise and accompany you through the entire process of "IT Remarketing" and "IT Lifecycle Management". In doing so, we focus on increasing effectiveness and efficiency with a clear financial benefit for you.


We provide comprehensive advice on the possibilities of IT remarketing

We discuss your security requirements and make suggestions and recommendations

We advise you on logistical issues and can simplify your processes with individual services

We advise you in the area of Green IT so that you become even more sustainable

We help to achieve a higher ROI

How does the purchase and IT remarketing process work?

  • 1Quotation

    We will prepare an offer for your hardware after a detailed consultation.
  • 2Transport

    The transport is carried out by direct route in sealed transporters and GPS monitoring.
  • 3Inventory

    We record the devices in our in-house software solutions and check all devices and accessories for forgotten data carriers and documents.
  • 4Anonymization

    All devices are fully anonymized, and no clues about the previous owner remain after the IT remarketing process is completed.
  • 5Data erasure

    We offer 100% irreversible and certified data erasure thanks to our software-controlled erasure process.
  • 6Data media destruction

    Not all data media can be deleted - that is why we take care of the secure destruction of data media on our premises.
  • 7Documentation

    You will automatically receive all proofs and certificates for your used hardware to meet all data protection requirements.

After anonymization and data removal, the hardware is refurbished and put up for resale or can be donated to charitable organizations at your request. In addition, we can soon offer you a sale of the refurbished hardware to your employees.

Questions & Answers about the purchase

Which brands are purchased?
In principle, we buy all IT items from all manufacturers and brands. Please feel free to send us a list of your hardware for a non-binding offer.
When is it worth selling used hardware?
Selling the old hardware is always worthwhile. With the sale of the old hardware, the investment for new hardware can be reduced and thus also the chance to make savings.

Systematic reuse of old hardware saves valuable resources, helps you pursue a green IT strategy and improves your company's image. In addition, reuse avoids unnecessary waste and protects the climate and the environment.
What information is needed for a purchase offer?
So that we can quickly make you a binding purchase offer, we need an Excel list with the item number, product type, processor, memory HDD/SSD and the quantity or send us a short mail with the most important information. The more detailed the data is, the easier and faster we can create your offer.
What impact does remarketing have on the environment?
The reuse of used hardware in combination with responsible recycling ensures a better CO2 balance and a more sustainable use of valuable raw materials. Most raw materials are consumed during manufacturing and transport to the user. Prolonged use therefore reduces the overall footprint for each individual device.
What happens to my hardware?
Your hardware gets a second life after CO2 neutral and data protection compliant processing and thus prevents unnecessary electronic waste. If the devices are still functional but not suitable for resale, we donate them in your name to charitable and support organizations.

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